Cohorted Beauty Box Review - August 2017

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Apologies for the missing reviews for June & July; time has just eaten away at me and before I knew it, it was September and I hadn't put up a blog post since my May review. I'm a terrible blogger but I'm determined to stick at it.

I'm not going to make up excuses, I'm just going to get straight on with the review of this months box. The total value was worth £81 so certainly not the most valued box but as always still great value for money.

The first product in this box was one by the brand Too Faced. A well known brand out there on the high street and a brand I do honestly love so very pleased to see this. The Too Faced Born This Way Concealer in the shade 'Light Medium'. It retails at £20 which I have to admit is rather pricy for a concealer but if it conceals them flaws then it's £20 well spend I'd say. When I first applied this I felt it applied/looked a little 'cakey' on my face but blended nicely and certainly did look 'cakey' once rubbed in. I would probably use this on them days when I don't want to do a full face of make up but need to hide the tired eyes. It really left my skin glowing and made me look healthy and alert - I'm definitely impressed.

The next product in the box was the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara which retails at £19.50. I do believe I've had this product in my beauty box before and it's only a tester size so a little disappointed with this. However, there is always a plus to everything and it's the perfect size to pop in you clutch on a night out to keep your mascara looking fresh. The angle of the brush is perfect to reach the lashes in the inner corner. I did feel it took a long time of applying before I actually started to see the effects of the mascara on my lashes and it certainly showed the length of my lashes for the False Lash look however, I do prefer a fuller lash so probably isn't the ideal mascara for me. If you are all about the length then I do recommend.

The third product was the Chirp Body Softnest Natural Hair Mask which costs £18.00. I was so excited to try this out as I have NEVER tried a hair mask before and I've always been intrigued by them. The application process of the hair mask was a complete nightmare for me and I think this was due to the packaging. The product is in a pouch which I can only compare to the pouches of baby food that new-born's have. The product is very running so as I'm tipping it onto my head it was running everywhere and I encountered a fair few spills. I couldn't just pour into my hand as it seeped through my fingers. I'm not sure how much you were meant to put on but I covered my hair and had plenty left over - my hair is about bra strap length on my back. It's enriched with Coconut, Jojoba, Avacado and Argan oils but I felt it had quite a lemony scent to it. I left the product on for about 25 minutes then washed it off with two shampoos and a conditions. Now my water where I live tends to leave my hair feeling quite sticky but after this hair mask it felt so silky and soft. Despite the faffing with the application I would definitely repurchase. I would also like to try other hair masks to compare.

Now I wasn't overly excited to see the next product as it's a body wash and I'm all for just picking up the one that's on offer in the supermarket but I couldn't resist a little smile as the brand name is soooo cute! It's the Apple & Bears Body Wash in the scent Honey and Hemp. It's a 50ml bottle which retails at £5. I'm not really sure what Hemp is and Honey isn't my favourite and based on the scent it's probably not something I'd of picked myself HOWEVER, I've not tried this yet as it's the perfect travel size body wash and has been tucked away safely in my toiletries bag. So who knows, maybe it will clean my body like no body wash has ever done before... or maybe it will just leave me smelling like honey and hemp.

And for the final product you will have to excuse the quality of the photo as a glass bottle with a see-through liquid inside doesn't make a great combination for a clear focus. This is the Paul Yacomine Huile De Parfum which costs £28. Now this is something I can hands down say I would never buy purely because I don't use oil on my body unless it's for tanning purposes and to then spend £28 on a body oil is just a no go for me. However, I have to be fair and give it a chance. So it says it's for face, hair and body but the thought of putting oil on my face just makes me think I'm going to erupt in spots and after applying my Chirp's hair mask I wasn't going to then put oil on top so it was limited to just the body for me. If you apply too much, as you can probably guess it makes you feel as greasy as a chip pan but if you apply just a little amount it soaks into the skin nicely. The scent is what I can only describe as slightly medicinal and I'm I would be lying if I said I 'd be using this regularly. Nothing against the individual product, it's just oil and I am not about that oily life.

Overall a mixed review on this box and I think my Too Faced Concealer was my favourite product and definitely one I will get the most use out of.

Apologies once again for the lack of posts recently but I promise, I am back now!

Lots of love

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