Getting Organised for 2017

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Every year after November pay day I book a day off of work to go Christmas shopping with my mum and I have to admit, I've never been so organised before in my life in comparison to this year. I've officially bought and near enough wrapped all my Christmas presents for everyone this year. 

John Lewis has just opened in Leeds in perfect time for Christmas and it would of been rude not to check it out, I am one hell of a stationary geek and John Lewis, I am your perfect customer. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a while for a 2017 diary but I'm very particular about which one I go for, I tend to end up with one from Paperchase; but not this year, I saw the diary of ALL diaries in John Lewis and it was love at first sight. I didn't however buy it straight away due to the price of it and I did have to have a think over a cocktail whether or not this was the right decision but I eventually decided it was the one for me.

The diary cost a total of £30 which is way more than I'd ever possibly think about spending on a diary but I think it's so pretty; it's the perfect size to fit my rather large handwriting in.

The first two pages are full of stickers, the page you can see above and then another page full of more such as 'hair appointment' & 'pool party', it may sound childish but it's such a nice touch to be able to add these to each day, like the little airplane sticker which is perfect to add to the date where I'm off jet setting.

At the start of each month it has an over view of the month ahead and it has some random 'national' days in such as the photo above where it has 'national disco ball day' and yes girls, Mean Girls day is printed in this diary!!

Everything about this diary is just utter perfection, I love the little touches that have been added to it and although it's larger than your average diary, it's perfect to keep you in check for the new year! 

The diary can be bought here: For all you stationary lovers out there I highly recommend this diary, you can write birthdays on the overview of the month so they don't clog up your weekly pages and you can clearly see whose birthday is in the coming month. 

How do you like to keep organised? 

Lots of Love 

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