Cohorted Beauty Box Review - October 2016

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I'm slightly late in posting this, I did actually receive my Cohorted Beauty Box around the middle of October but I feel this past month has absolutely flown by and I feel that I've barely had a chance to breathe or stop and think for more than 2 minutes.

I'd been waiting eagerly for this months box, as I always do with beauty boxes purely because I always love receiving new make up products and trying out new things.

To my disappointment, when I opened my box, there was only one make up item this month, one skin care item and 3 hair care items. Now I'm really not one for skin care, I wash my face and wipe my make up off and that's about as exciting as it gets. The total of this box was worth a grand total of £140 to my amazement so I've definitely got value for money.

The first product is the the Too Faced Limited Edition No Filter Selfie Powder Palette. It has three different shades and once applied is meant to mimic the filters of Instagram without putting on a filter on your photos. The first shade is name Sunrise looks as though it will give off a brightening effect, the second shade is called Totally Toasted and will give off a bronzing filter effect and the final shade is called Moon River, it's a lilac colour and looks as though it will add cool tones to the filter. The palette costs £32.00 which I'm not sure I would say is worth it but I do look forward to trying it out.

The next item is Dr Botancials Morrocan Neroli Body Cream which costs a total amount of £72.00. Personally I would never spend that much money on a Body Cream considering I never use them in the first place, but at this price I feel it must do some good so I will certainly use this product. I don't think I've ever got to the bottom of a tube of moisturiser never mind a whole tub so that is my aim with this jar. The product is 100% natural ingredients and they use plant based traditional thinking and science to put together the combination to make this body cream.

The next three products all go hand in hand and are for hair care. They retail at a price of £12 each and are to be used during the process of drying and after drying. The Micro Treatment Oils can be used for multiple uses, it can protect against heat, used as a sunscreen before swimming or as a serum to achieve a natural glossy finish. This is to be applied to freshly washed hair which has been towel dried, you then apply the oil and finish drying your hair.

The Microfinish No1 is to be used after drying, it restores texture and shine and conditions the hair without weighing it down. The Microfinish No3 is for frizzy hair that needs to be controlled and protected when using heat, it is heat activated so can work before drying the hair for full effect.

Overall I'm not raving about this months beauty box but I am really excited to try the new products I've received. In all honesty I should take more care with my hair and skin so it's the perfect way to start with good quality products that hopefully produce great quality results!

Lots of Love

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