Cohorted Beauty Box Review - November 2016

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It's that time of the month again... no not that one girls... the Cohorted beauty box one! I feel like I've only just received October's box and here we are with November's. This months box was worth a grand total of £98.95 and guess what? It only cost me £35, bargain or what?! 

The biggest product in the box both in size and price was this Cargo Cosmetics All Around The World eyeshadow palette which costs £35. I basically bought this product and got 3 free, can't really complain with that. So as you can probably guess by the title, the colours of the palette are named after cities around the world. It consists of some beautiful neutral/natural colours which I feel could make a complete Autumn look and I think you could genuinely match any of these colours with each other to create the perfect blended eye. I look forward to getting creative with this.

So there was a mix in people's boxes this month and you would either receive the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer or the Vita Liverata Skin Respect Repairing and Rejuvenating Night Balm and thankfully for me I received the primer. Partly thankful because I don't think I could deal with another skin care product that I'm probably never going to use and the other part thankful because I was in need of a new primer. This primer costs £29 and I am looking forward to trying this out and seeing how smooth it makes the skin.

One of my number one rules in life (I have many so it's probably like my number 84th rule in life) is that you can never trust a take away that sells everything. If I want a pizza, I'll go to a pizza shop and if the other half of the menu sells curry, it's a no from me. I apply the same philosophy to beauty products. Here is an example of a beauty product that claims to be multipurpose and I have to admit I'm skeptical. This is the Dr PawPaw original balm which accordingly to the booklet that comes with the box says it has a variety of uses 'from skin protector and moisturiser to nappy cream and lip finisher'. I'm not itching to try this product but at a total price of £6.95 I suppose it's worth giving it a go. Who knows, I might never leave the house without it in weeks to come.

Another skin care product... maybe this is the worlds way of telling me I need to seriously start looking after my skin. This is Evolve Beauty Hydroluronic Serum 200 which costs £28. All products from Evolve Beauty are vegan and cruelty free, they're made from organic and natural products. The texture of the product from what I have seen so far is very thick but I can imagine it spreads a long way so you won't need to use much in order for it to go a long way. I'm certainly going to add this into my night time routine to see what the effects of it are.

I actually am overall rather pleased with my box this month. Despite not one but two skin care products, I'm excited to try both of them. The whole reason I get the box is to try new products I wouldn't normally buy and to also top up my make up bag therefore it's ticked all the boxes.

The Cargo palette is definitely my favourite and I'm looking forward to blending away.

Lots of love

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