My Final Summer Post... Until Next Year

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I could spend hours on end looking at all the various different holiday destinations and the luxurious hotels that go with them but this year I had my heart set on the Greek islands, Mykonos to be exact. The white walls, the glorious sunsets and the picturesque streets made it look the perfect place to spend my 21st Birthday. My boyfriend is in his element when looking and planning holidays or any trips for that matter so I gave him a criteria and left it in his trusting hands.

My criteria was rather basic to begin with but as the amount of hotels he showed me increased, my criteria and expectations also increased unfortunately thus did the price. We found some very similar hotels for a slightly cheaper price in Corfu so the holiday destination then changed but I was over the moon with the choice of hotel.

Thankfully, my family has visited Corfu before and some people I work alongside have been there multiple times and pre-warned me to not judge the place by the airport. Heck, if I'd of done that, I'd of stayed on the plane and returned straight back home to the UK.

We stayed on the West Coast of the island at Sensimar Grand Mediterraneo Resort & Spa and it was stunning. The hotel is built on a cliffside with the reception & restaraunt being at the very top and the hotel rooms below and then a beach bar at the very bottom. We had opted for a deluxe double room with a private pool which meant that are room was closer to the bottom of the hill than the bottom, I certainly burnt a fair few calories walking up and down the steps 3x a day for food.

The colours of the sea were incredible and changed on a daily basis.

There is literally nothing to do around the area but if you're looking for a place for you and your partner to escape from the world to, I recommend here!

That's it for summer holidays from me this year, my next adventure out the country is a trip to Ireland for a boozy weekend with my work colleagues, I'll be sure to take lots of photo's and let you know about my adventure there.

Lots of Love

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