A Smell Can Spark 1000 Memories

by - 12:54:00

Have you ever been walking down a street and you get an aroma of something and suddenly you're back to being 10 years old in a classroom and with your teacher reeking of perfume and you can't help but smile thinking back to how good a time it was? Sometimes it's not always good memories that smells bring back; it might remind you of the time you were really ill or the time your boyfriend broke up with you but it's always nice to know that a small intake of a scent can bring memories flooding back to you.

There are so many smells in the world, some nice, some nasty but everyone has their favourite and this is mine. It's from The White Company and is called Seychelles. It's such a light refreshing smell and it reminds me of beaches and sea breezes.

I love where I live but the ceiling is so high it means that fragrances get lost; I could light a scented candle but never even get a hint of it unless I hover my nose right above it. So my boyfriend for my birthday very thoughtfully bought me this gift set. I can use the reed diffuser in my main living area, despite the tall ceilings it means that I can actually smell it and it makes me feel more at home than ever. I've not yet decided where to put my candle, either in the bathroom or the bedroom and the room spray is perfect for a touch up when a not so pleasant aroma may fill the kitchen or bathroom.

Whats your favourite smell?

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