If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Of Baked A Cake

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Now I don't know about you but I love the idea of baking; I often find myself binge watching baking videos on Youtube. One Sunday afternoon I found myself on the home of Crumbs and Doilies Youtube page and must of watched every video on their channel and I have to say I don't regret it at all.

I phoned my mum immediately and we arranged a weekend where we would bake a cake based on their unicorn style cake. We did buy packet cake mixes instead of baking the cake from scratch only because this wasn't about the taste but more the final look and it meant less work for us.

We created the cake mix, divided it into four tins and added food colouring. Do not use liquid food colourings but instead use gel or pastes; we used liquid ones and the colour just dissolved as it baked.

Once the cakes were baked and cooled I then layered them on top of each other and added a very thin layer of buttercream in between. You can add thicker buttercream and jam but I'm aware this was going to be rather sickly as it was anyway.

I then divided my remaining buttercream into four and added a small amount of food colouring to give them a pastel coloured tint.

I used a palette knife to cover the cake top and sides with my pastel coloured buttercream. I advise that before you start icing, ensure the cake sides are cut so the sides are all even instead of them all having a different curve. This will prevent any gaps in the icing like I experienced.

I also attempted to make coloured meringue kisses for the top. I lined some food colouring in my piping bag and then piled in my meringue and piped them onto a baking tray. Unfortunately, as the oven had been on all morning it was too hot for the meringues so they ended up browning too much so once again, the food colouring didn't come out the way it was intended.

Overall for a first attempt I am really please with the outcome and am itching to make another one and use my own tips to make it perfect!

It tasted great but there was far too much for just 2 people to eat so I took it into work the following Monday and it got some great feedback!

What kind of stuff of food do you enjoy baking?


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