A Small Weekend in a Large City

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I spent my bank holiday weekend in one of my favourite locations - London! I don't know why I love it so much there but I just fall in love with it a little bit more every time I go. My boyfriend and I booked this as quite a last minute trip so we didn't have too much time for planning and to get an agenda together but we did it all the while.

For years I've wanted to see Wicked at the West-End so my boyfriend decided it would be a good idea to get tickets for this. We were travelling to London on the Saturday and he booked tickets for Wicked on the Tuesday beforehand. It was about seven o'clock at night when he was booking these and he somehow managed to book the tickets for 7:30 that night instead of the Saturday! Luckily the ticket office were fine about this and after a quick phone call everything was sorted and our tickets to Wicked were booked.

So Saturday morning we popped into Leeds, I did some quick shopping for some new make-up and an outfit for the theatre and then we popped on the train and headed to London. We arrived at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, checked in to the hotel and then popped to a nearby pub for a drink. Then went back to the hotel got dressed and headed off to the West-End.

I thought it was really good, I didn't actually know what the story line was for the performance; all I knew is each and every song word for word as I'd had the soundtrack for a long long time. I thought the first half was better than the second as it felt rather like it was rushing through in the second half but I'd go watch it again for sure. 

After Wicked we got the tube back to the hotel and stopped off at a takeaway for a pizza as we hadn't eaten for a while and then went to bed.

The next day we got up fairly early and decided we were going to go to Hyde Park for a walk as the weather was really nice. We stopped for breakfast at Paul's and got some pastries and then headed on over to Hyde Park. As we were skipping the gym for the whole weekend we thought we'd do 'leg day' and hired a pedalo for an hour to have a sail in the lake.

(You'll have to excuse the messy hair; it got SO windy)

After we'd pedalled up and down the lake for a while we decided enough was enough and that we were feeling quite peckish. We decided to head over to Little Venice for a walk along the canal to see the barges and if there was anywhere to stop for food. I have to say it's a much nicer experience than walking by the canal up here in Leeds.

As we reached a road we saw a cafe called Cafe Laville with some tables free so decided to pop in there for some food and my gosh it was incredible. The view overlooking the canal was beautiful and the food was delicious. I would go back to London just to have the four cheese linguini that I ordered.

After that we decided to take a steady walk on back to the hotel, we went past Abbey Road and saw everyone attempting to reenact The Beetles album cover. (I spent countless hours in my media lessons back at school watching the camera that they have set up to watch people do this). I didn't attempt to take a photo of myself doing this as I can only imaging how irritating it is for the locals in London having to stop at the crossing everyday.

We went back to the hotel and just chilled there for a little while we rested our feet, got ready and headed back out as we had a mini golf session booked for 7 at this Junkyard Golf place near Shoreditch. It's basically a huge warehouse that has been converted into 3 different mini golf courses, we booked ourself on for course number 2 which was named Frank. There were 9 holes in total and each one had a different theme. There were bars dotted around to always keep you 'hydrated' too.

I definitely recommend trying this out, I believe it's only around for a certain amount of time so best to try it sooner rather than later.

After this we headed on over to Brick Lane for a curry. We went to a place called Cinnamon and I've got to say it was one of if not the best curry I've ever tasted. I only ever get a chicken korma and you can't really go wrong but my gosh the chicken just melted off your fork! The only thing I felt let down on was the service, I'm not sure if it's because we were sat in the window and they wanted us to stay around for longer to look busier but it took nearly an hour for them to clear our plates after we had finished.

We then headed back to the hotel as we'd done a lot of walking and had planned to do some shopping before heading back to Leeds the following day so we knew we had a fair bit more walking to do.

I had such a lovely bank holiday weekend and look forward to my next mini break to London.

How did you guys spend your bank holiday?


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