Cleaning Out and Organising My Make-Up

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After months and months of living in my apartment with my make-up just plonked in a storage box and not properly organised; I've decided it's time to change things up a bit. I finally got my act together and found a time to sort out the tit from the tat.

The item I used to store my make-up in before tidying up was actually quite cute but just not ideal for make-up as I only ended up using the products on the top and not the ones on the bottom. 

So I began by emptying the contents of my 'box' onto the floor and sorting them out into piles. I put my foundations and primers into pile 1; pile 2 was bronzers, blushers, and eye shadows; I then put eye liners into pile 3; my brow products made up pile 4; pile 5 contained mascaras; a small pile of concealers for pile 6 and finally a rather large pile of lipsticks and glosses.

So the first step with all of this was to work out what actually works and what doesn't work. Which meant quite a lot of make up was thrown out at this stage.

I then moved on to organising my make up in an acrylic make up organiser I'd bought a long while back but never ever got around to using. So on the top of my make up oraganiser I put a couple of foundations, and some primers in the back left compartment which is the largest compartment. To the right I put a highlighter corrector and another primer. As you can see by the image there is 4 compartments for lipsticks so I picked 2 lipsticks I wear regularly and 2 that I don't wear so often to try and vary my make up usage. To the right of them I have 3 MUA eye shadows which I don't wear too often either so put them on display to remind me I own them. Then in the space to the right I have put my bronzer palette and some blushers which I use regularly, having them on top just makes it easier to grab when doing my make up on a daily basis. I have also put two tweezers hanging over the side as I always misplace them, this way I know exactly where they are!

In the top draw I put a mix of my mascara's, eyeliners and brow pencils.

In the middle drawer I put a mix of lipsticks and lip glosses.

Finally, the bottom drawer has 'palettes' in, this draw contains a mix of powder, eye shadows, blushers and also my HD Brows palette.

This was the completed look of the drawer overall, I was quite please that my left over make up fit nicely into this however, it made me sad seeing just how small my make up collection actually is; it's given me a lot of inspiration now on building a much larger make up collection.

I put the original container I had for my make up to good use as I've filled it with face cleansers, moisturisers and make up wipes. It's made quite the nice little collection on top of my chest of drawers and I'm pleased with the overall result of cleaning up my collection.

Since organising my make up and cleaning it out I've bought quite a few more lipsticks and foundations to try out and I've also bought a drawers unit from IKEA to arrange my growing make up  collection, once that has been completed I'll be sure to do another blog post with my updated collection.


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