Winter Weekend in a Cosy Cottage

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My mum & dad recently moved house into a cosy little cottage and had invited me and my boyfriend to stay over for the weekend. This isn't the first time I'd stayed over as I spent Christmas there but every time I visit I fall in love with their house a little bit more so I decided that this time, I would photograph it.

I didn't take any photo's of the outside as it had been raining and I always think houses look 10x worse in the rain compared to the sun. Also, as cute as it looks on the outside, it's so much cuter inside. I genuinely felt like I was staying in a cottage that you would rent for a weekend, all that was missing was a hot tub.

'Encouragements' in the hallway
Log fire in the kitchen
Excuse the leftovers from our 'fuddle' on the kitchen table
They bought this cute sign for the bathroom door since there's no lock
Genuinely felt like some sort of luxury hotel
You can tell it's my mum that has decorated the bathroom
I didn't take too many photo's of inside as I've already taken a load of the living room and bedrooms on previous visits but I thought I'd share some more of this beautiful house. It has wooden beams in all the rooms and in the two main bedrooms the windowsills have a wooden bench like seat to sit on. There are so many quirky features to it that make it lovely, I aspire to have a house like this one day.

Where they live isn't in the countryside but they have so much greenery on their doorstep so we took put on our walking boots and waded through the mud to visit a little country pub in the next town.

The sun was shining but that didn't stop the ice cold wind!
I even made a little friend on the journey
I couldn't help but get a picture of the neighbours house, it was beautiful
I've had a lovely little weekend with my mum and dad, I've eaten a lot of unhealthy food and consumed a fair bit of alcohol so it's back to the gym for me tonight. I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend too.


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