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Each year I will book off a day in November to go Christmas shopping with my mum, this tends to be on pay day so I'm more than willing to go splash the cash. I will always make sure I pop into lush to stock up on bath bombs in preparation for my winter/Christmas baths. This year I was lucky enough to not only buy my own stash but I was bought a gift box from Lush with 10 bath bombs inside so I have a basket full that should last me a while.

Having baths in my flat can be quite the hassle as there isn't a constant supply of warm water and I have to turn a 'boost' switch and then wait for it to heat up which takes a while, so basically I have to plan what time I'm going to a have a bath and lets face it, who can really be bothered to do that? I love a spontaneous bath to relax, but if I have to start planning it, I'd rather just have a shower.

However, I finally got round to using one of my bath bombs and it was the one named Frozen. It's one of their Lush's newer products; it's pale blue with white spots and a darker shade of blue around the middle. If you haven't guessed, this is based on the Disney hit - Frozen.
When I popped it in my bath it looked quite spectacular as the dark blue ring melted like a lightning swirl (I didn't manage to get a picture of it at that point as there was too much shadow from my head). I also love the noise of bath bombs while they are melting; I find the fizzing of the bubbles so therapeutic and relaxing!
Now the bubbles/fizz from the bath bomb didn't last too long before I was left bathing in an amazing shade of glistening blue bath water.
The smell of this bath bomb was quite a refreshing one, I think it's meant to be based on Grapefruit but I actually though it smelt really soapy and more like fresh linen? Describing the smell of this bath bomb is actually quite difficult but I'd say it wasn't one of the stronger scented ones in terms of a specific smell, it just smelt quite fresh and was an appealing smell - not one to give you a headache.
I always have an issue with glittery bath bombs and therefore tend to avoid them as I don't like to come out glistening like a vampire in the sunlight but much to my amazement, that wasn't the case! I came out with skin that had a slight shimmer but I didn't feel like I needed to go wash it all off in the shower like I normally would with these kind of bath bombs! It left a slight glitter at the bottom of my bath but that disappeared quickly once washed away with the shower head!
I'd definitely recommend this bath bomb, I feel everything about it is very clean and it's one I shall be purchasing again! I'd love to hear what other people who have used this bath bomb thought of it!

All the best

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