Starting 2016 The Right Way

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I know everybody hates the "new year, new me" jargon but I have actually, for the first time, come up with some new years 'resolutions' before the dawn of new years day arises and I've decided that I'm going to change a few things about the way I currently live my life.

The first one and as cliché as it sounds is that I am going to say yes more, whether that's saying yes to going out for a drink or dinner one night, or whether it's saying yes to booking a holiday. I more often than not find myself in a mood where I can't be bothered to even get dressed and end up simply slobbing out on the sofa watching any old junk on TV before heading back to bed and having the most unproductive day (This is of course on a weekend as I work a 9-5 job and as much as I'd love to do this, I don't think it's quite the acceptable excuse to not turn up to work). I feel that if I say yes more I'll open myself up to new adventures, experiences and memories.

Another one of my major set-backs in 2015 that I found held me back from a lot is being so uptight with my money. I'd happily spend a ridiculous amount of money on food like crisps, sweets and chocolates but when it came to buying a pair of jeans for £40, I'd feel really disheartened and talk myself out of it. I buy 'cheaper quality' clothes too often and then find myself back in the shop a few weeks later buying the same item again as my original one has fallen apart. I'm going to begin to save up my money a bit longer and splash the cash on the 'higher quality' clothing such as a nice pair of shoes or a stronger pair of jeans - at the end of the day if I like it and it lasts longer, it's a win win situation.

Now, when it comes to eating food I have to be one of the fussiest eaters ever. I cannot stand eating mushrooms and if they're in a meal, instead of ordering it without mushrooms I'll just avoid it completely to save the hassle. This applies to the majority of meals, if there is an ingredient I'm not keen on then I'll avoid the dish completely. However, if I'm with somebody who then goes on to order a dish I wouldn't of necessarily chosen and I have a taste, I end up falling in love with it and get serious food envy (wishing I'd of ordered it myself and sat feeling dissatisfied with my chicken strips and BBQ sauce). So this year, I'm going to try new foods, when I go out for dinner I'm going to pick something off of the menu I've not tried before and who knows, maybe I'll find my new favourite meal!

I really enjoy looking back at old photos and reliving the memories from the time they were taken. I found that when I came to look back at 2015, I didn't have as many photo's as I'd liked to have had. I tend to have my moments where I get 'snap happy' and take lots of photo's at one specific time but then I have other moments where it's as if I don't know what a camera is. So 2016 is going to be full of photo's that I can look back and enjoy as the year comes to an end.

At the back end of 2015, a few months prior to Christmas I became very lazy and ended up ordering take outs more often than cooking as I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of washing up, this coincided with me cancelling my gym membership which didn't help matters. As an attempt to get back to being fit and healthy I've decided to change my diet. I've already been to the supermarket to kick start my new healthy eating by buying berries and yoghurt to make smoothies for breakfast. (The amount of time I skip breakfast on a morning because I simply don't have time is unbelievable). I'm going to use cook books to make my meals instead of buying ready meals that I could just pop in the microwave. I find when I'm bored I like to snack, I'm going to stop buying the crisps, chocolates and sweets and replace them with apples and grapes. Then when I do finally get a take out, I can imagine I'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more.

The final thing I want to do in 2016 is begin to travel more. I get my fair share of holidays and I don't necessarily mean places abroad; I have an irrational fear of buses and going to places I'm unfamiliar with. Therefore, just travelling within England can be a challenge for me, I believe the most likely reason I have this fear is because I don't do it often enough. I'd like to see more of the world and whether that means different cities in England or different countries within the world I'd like to start exploring them all.

Happy new year to everybody out there and I hope 2016 brings you all the happiness and joy you deserve.

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